Privacy statement

This privacy statement clarifies which personal data we process and how we process it. It is crucial to emphasize that data processing is conducted compatible with related (European) privacy law and regulations. As our service will be continuously improved, we may adapt our privacy statement whenever required. Therefore, check our website regularly!

WeDoPrivacy is founded by people who take privacy and security seriously. We have years of experience helping our clients to make sure that the proper technical and organizational measures are taken. Thus, we do it also for ourselves.

WeDoPrivacy offers you tools to handle personal data with care. To do so, however, we have to process your personal data as well, which is done in different ways.

  • When you visit our general website. The website uses “cookies” (text files placed on your computer) to make the website function properly and to analyse the website to improve our services. No tracking cookies are placed. More information about the cookies used by us can be found in the cookie statement. You can check the content of the cookies yourself via your browser settings.
  • When you use our free services, we need to know who you are. In addition, you need to accept our terms of use. Besides, we ask your name, the organization in which you work and your email address.
  • When you ask a question via email or our contact form. In this case, we collect your contact details and the information that you provide. We use this information to be able to answer your question.
  • When you use our free products. We collect in this case some contact details such as your name, the organization in which you work and your email address. This is required to communicate with you about what we call ‘service updates’. For instance, when new functionalities are available or when the maintenance takes place.
  • When you logon to WeDoPrivacy. We use Captcha for protecting your login. We need your IP address to make this work.
  • When you use our paid products. In addition to the aforementioned contact details, we collect here the contact details that are required for payment. Besides, Dutch regulations require us to record to whom we send an invoice.

In all cases we collect data as little as possible.

We may share your personal data with third parties only if it is absolutely necessary to provide our services. It applies, for instance, for the payment service provider that takes care of the processing of orders and the generation of invoices. We use Sendgrid to be able to send messages to our users and subscribers via email. We have concluded a data processing agreement with these parties. In exceptional circumstances, we may have to share personal data for instance because of a legal requirement or a court order.

WeDoPrivacy processes personal data, but not so much to be obliged to appoint an Data Protection Officer. However, we have voluntarily decided to appoint a Data Protection Officer. One of our directors will fulfill this role. This is the person to whom you can send your questions on how we handle your data. You can do this through

Moreover, if you want to make a request to access or correct your data you will have the opportunity to do so. We will delete your data, if you have terminated your (paid) service (except for the data that we are obliged to store for 7 years for fiscal matters) or if you have not used your free services for two years.

We hope this answers all of your questions!

WeDoPrivacy BV

Baron de Coubertinlaan 1, 2719 EN, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands