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Record of Processing Activities

The structure of the record matches the GDPR requirements. We have pre-populated the register as much as possible.

Retain trust

You feel responsible to protect the data of your customers. Not just because you want to be compliant, but above all because it is a matter of trust. Our software helps you to get a clear overview of all your privacy processing activities. Those insights are an essential building block to bring your processing of personal data to a higher maturity level.

  • Getting everyone involved
  • Keeping track of every department
  • Branch specific tasks are featured


Clear view from the cloud

Our Register tool is build using a state of the art multi-user cloud platform. Secure and hosted in the EU. Simply put: you and your colleagues can access it from any internet location and good bye to local software installation troubles. The software gives you a clear overview of all registrations, privacy impact assessments and other related activities.




We believe that the quality of your record of processing activities will increase if you start from an example that was created by comparable organisations.

That’s why we offer you specific templates for:

  • Your processes:
    We offer templates for processes such as Human Resources, ICT, Facilities or Customer Relationship management.
  • Your industry:
    Furthermore, we offer industry specific templates such as governments, care or construction.

Our templates will definitely save you a lot of time and increase quality. The number of templates will be expanded in the future.

paid feature expected soon

Easy reporting

The Record of processing activities is a mandatory element of GDPR. But just having a record because the law says so is not that useful. If you invest your time in keeping your record up to date, then it is also nice if you have reporting options that help you to remain in control. WeDoPrivacy offers a number of reporting options that help you to keep track and help you to retain in control over your record of processing activities. Example reports are:

  • What is the number of processing operations?
  • How complete is the record of processing activities, what information is missing?
  • How up-to-date is the record of processing activities, when has it been reviewed for the last time?

GDPR made easy

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