Privacy vows

  • Privacy is personal. Your data is yours.
    If you want to share this with us, you will do so in good faith. And you’re right to do so, because we are committed to your privacy. We use your information to help you to use WeDoPrivacy properly. And only for that purpose. And if we ever need more information  of you, then we ask you that.
  • If you trust us with your data, we feel commited to treat it with care. 
    Together with the organisations that help us, we ensure that we protect your data. So we can fulfill all our promises.
  • WeDoPrivacy is always transparent in what we do.
    Every question you ask will be answered clearly. So you always know what you can expect from us.
  • WeDoPrivacy is committed to organisations and people who are committed with privacy.
    That is why we make software that must be accessible to everyone. Everyone must be able to use our software. Even if you are not a privacy specialist or your resources are limited. Because privacy was always important, is still important and will always be important.
  • So if ‘You do privacy’, think of WeDoPrivacy.