Let’s get to know us

For WeDoPrivacy, privacy is personal. We specialise in privacy tools and look for practical and innovative solutions for everyday problems.

WeDoPrivacy partners with organisations that are committed to privacy just like us. In the Netherlands we work together with Verdonck, Klooster & Associates (www.vka.nl).

Wedoprivacy is a young company, but with experienced founders. The founders of WeDoPrivacy have worked as privacy professionals for many years within large and small organisations, in various European countries.

All staff at WeDoPrivacy are truly committed to make sure that our software delivers on its promise.

Take our CEO, Frank. He has worked as a privacy consultant internationally, for multinationals and Small / Medium enterprises. With his business background, he is not so much interested in legal requirements but more on the applicability to business processes. He is very motivated to make people ‘like’ privacy. Well, at least have them have a feel of what privacy is all about and how anyone can contribute to a better protection of personal data.

Then there is Dennis, our product owner. Dennis is our technical brain. With all the nice ideas we have for WeDoPrivacy, Dennis is the guy who will challenge us to be specific, so he can have our programmers create it for you.

Suzanne helps us out on the commercial side. Do you like our website and newsletter? You can thank her for that. She will make sure that we don’t go overboard with our jargon, making sure that everybody understands what we are trying to tell.

Some of the privacy specialists that helped develop WeDoPrivacy are somewhat uhm, ‘private’. I guess you will understand why… Marius is not one of them. He is a privacy evangelist who has one thing in mind: to share his passion for privacy and inspire people while doing this. Marius and several other privacy specialists are continuously feeding us with their expertise to develop and improve our pre-filled templates, the wizards etcetera.