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Our mission is to create great privacy tools that are affordable for all organisations. Our tools are not only affordable, they also offer great quality. We understand that this almost sounds too good to be true, but we are happy to answer any question you have. Below you find our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find your answer here? Use the search bar above, or check our Knowledge Base.

Our tools are created by privacy experts who have years of practical experience. They know what functionality is useful in daily life. And what functionality only makes sense on paper.

There is no catch. We started WeDoPrivacy because we feel that privacy is important. Organisations can benefit greatly from proper privacy tools. But why should proper tooling only be available for organisations with a big wallet and people that have the time to become an expert in privacy.

It is WeDoPrivacy mission to create affordable privacy tools that can be used by experts and non-experts. How to better illustrate your mission than offering a Freemium version. And if you want more comfort or specific functionality, you can always order a paid version that is still affordable. In turn: if you buy a paid version, you will help us keeping the fermium model available for organisations that truly lack any funds for privacy tools.

WeDoPrivacy is established in the Netherlands. The founders of WeDoPrivacy also work at Verdonck, Klooster & Associates. We work across the European continent with partners that help our customers to make the best use of our product.

You can always use the free version as long as you want. And if you decide for the paid version, we will of course migrate your data, so you won’t loose anything.

We think you feel even more comfortable using WeDoPrivacy after you take a first peek through the free version. So register as a free user first and look around. If you are satisfied, you can immediately upgrade your account to a paid version.

Easy: if your tool offers an opportunity to export (for example to a spreadsheet) we are happy to help you to import it into WeDoPrivacy. If you cannot export, we are happy to think with you on a plan B. Please get in touch for more details.

Excel has strong features to manage your record of processing activities, but also limitations. Try WeDoPrivacy if you feel that the following could be true for your organisation:

  • You are not sure wat the latest version is of your Record of Processing activities or where you’ve stored it
  • You work together with others on the record and lost track of the most recent copy
  • As you are not a privacy specialist, you are easily confused with specific terminology
  • You find it is easy to make mistakes in keeping your record adequate and you don’t feel comfortable with that
  • You find it hard to manage the relation between the different items (processors, data subjects, etc.) within one processing activity

If any of these is true, or of you feel that you need something more professional than a spreadsheet, consider WeDoPrivacy.

We designed WeDoPrivacy to make it easy to manage your record of processing activities. Whether you are a privacy professional or not.

WeDoPrivacy helps you to take responsibility and be GDPR compliant. Our tool‘s design makes sure that all relevant information is included. By offering templates, checklists, tips and easy to use fields (such as dropdown menus and selection boxes), managing your Record of Processing activities is a breeze!

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